English To Bangla Translator

English to Bangla Translator

English is an international language. English is mainly oriented from the West Germanic language of the Indu-europian language family. English has 400 million native, 720 million L2, and 600-700 million foreign speakers. English is the second most popular language in Bangladesh. English has enriched the treasury of words and phrases that sometimes conduct hard and impossible, for puzzling words or sentences, for foreign speakers to understand the exact meaning of the sentence. Our English to Bangle translator website is specially designed for those people who are encountered understanding puzzles and hard meanings of the sentence, our English to Bangli Translator will help you know the fair and full meaning of the sentences and words. 98% accurate translation, easy to use, free services, no word bound, etc made our translator is favorite for relevant people.

Our English to Bangla Translator is the best

  • 98% accurate and fair translation
  • Used advanced google API
  • Easy to use tool
  • Don't have to tap the translate option
  • free for all users, Don't have to pay
  • Used advanced level web language to avoid trafficking
  • Basic to advance, all levels of Bangla and English words meaning you will be known.
  • Grammatically 98% correct meaning
  • easy and glib translation

How to Use English to Bangla Translator 

English to Bangla translator is mostly used to know the meaning from English to Bangla. For those Who want to convert the English language into Bangla, this website is mainly designed for them. You also will learn how to translate. Our translator is powered by Google's API. That Will help you to convert English into IPA and then from IPA to your won language. Grammatically secure and fair meaning, easiest and glibbest translation.


  • First, you have to choose the "English to Bangla" translation option if your text is in English and you want to translate it into Bangla
  • Start writing or paste copied text in the box where English is written in the apex corner of the box.

Do not have to tap on the translation option, automatically Result will be shown in below. Your required meaning is Shown in the below box.